Take Action Now!

Thank you for your interest in wanting to support the passage of SHB 1019, the six plant cannabis home grow bill for Washington State. You can take action by emailing your legislators and asking that they support the passage of the bill.

If you have never contacted your legislator before you can do that in just a few easy steps:

1) Go to the Washington State Legislature comment page for the bill:  https://app.leg.wa.gov/pbc/bill/1019

2) Enter your information and email your legislator.
-This is a secure Washington State Legislature tool.
-No one other than your legislator or their staff will contact you if you use this tool.

3) Write a polite, short, and concise email asking your legislator to support the passage of the bill and tell them why you want them to do so.
– Long emails are less likely to be read.

You can do more by requesting to meet with your legislator. These meetings are usually about 15 minutes and done by phone or online Zoom style. If that is something you are willing to do, please email us at:
info@homegrowwashington.com and we will contact you if you want to support in having that meeting.