Take Action Now!

Thank you for your interest in wanting to support passage of SHB 1019, the six plant cannabis homegrow bill for Washington State. You can take action by emailing your legislators and asking that they support passage of the bill.

If you have never contacted your legislator before you can do that in just a few easy steps:

1) Use the “Washington District Finder” (CLICK HERE) tool to find out who your legislators are.
– This is a secure Washington State Legislature tool.
– No one will use your information to contact you.

2) Find your legislators name and contact information on the “House Members Roster” (CLICK HERE).
– Add your legislators Legislative Assistant’s email address to make it more likely that your legislator will read the email.

3) Write a polite, short, concise email asking that your legislator support passage of SHB 1019.
РPlease include the talking points file (CLICK HERE) as an attachment.
– In a few words, tell them why the issue is important to you and why they should support passage of SHB 1019.
– Long emails are less likely to be read.
– To give them a better idea of what home growing would look like cut and paste this link (CLICK HERE) to a “short video” into your email and use the link button to make it clickable.
– Thank them and sign your name, address and telephone number so they will know that you are a constituent in their District and can contact you if they want to follow up.

4) If you want to do more, include the words MEETING REQUEST in the subject line of your email.
– Request a short 15 minute meeting as a constituent. The meeting will be online by phone or a Zoom link online.
– If you want Homegrow Washington to participate in that meeting with you, please add info@homegrowwashington.com to BCC line.