Legislative Bill to Allow Cannabis Cultivation in Washington State


About Homegrow Washington

Homegrow Washington is a group of private adults who lead productive lives, are involved with their families and communities, follow the law and pay their taxes.

We should be able to grow a few plants of something that our state allows to be sold like beer or wine. Our state law allows each adult to brew up to 200 gallons of beer or wine at home each year but growing even one cannabis plant is currently a felony unless authorized for medical purposes.

This is contrary to the spirit and intent of initiative 502, which reformed our state law and created a regulated system of licensed production, processing and sales of marijuana that has brought hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue to our state government, profits to those businesses, jobs to those who work in those businesses and economic benefit to the state and the communities where those businesses and workers spend their money.

But initiative 502 was not primarily about money. Its main intent was to address the damage caused by the failed prohibition on marijuana. Without legal home growing, people are still having their lives destroyed by arrest, prosecution, imprisonment and asset seizure and forfeiture. Black, indigenous, and other people of color are disproportionately affected by the uneven and unfair application of the law and quite frankly law enforcement has more important matters to address.