Legislative Bill to Allow Cannabis Cultivation in Washington State

What the Bill does.

What are the details of the law being proposed to legalize cannabis home grow?

HB 1019 2021-22 legalizes the non commercial home growing of cannabis by adults age 21 and older.

Provides that individuals can grow up to 6 plants per person with a maximum of 15 plants per living unit regardless of the number of occupants.

Growing in residences that are also foster homes or day cares remains prohibited.

Retains the right of property owners to prohibit cultivation of marijuana by a renter or lessee under a rental agreement.

No property seizure or forfeiture when growing within the law.

Requires marking of marijuana plants and marijuana produced from those plants with the person’s name, date of birth, address, planting date, and harvest date.

Protects marijuana and marijuana products, and the property on which they were produced or possessed under this law from seizure and forfeiture.

Odor and/or View of growing cannabis from off property prohibited.

Penalty for violations-Class 3 civil infraction.

Clarifies that LCB has no authority for enforcement of home growing within the law.

Enforcement under local law enforcement jurisdiction

Why HomeGrow?

Citizens may want to grow for different reasons. Cannabis is already widely available in Washington State. So why should Washington join the […]