Legislative Bill to Allow Cannabis Cultivation in Washington State

Why HomeGrow?

Citizens may want to grow for different reasons.

Cannabis is already widely available in Washington State. So why should Washington join the other states in recognizing the right to grow?

For the joy of it.

Cannabis is a beautiful plant with an interesting lifecycle. For many, growing means learning about the plant, exploring different strains, and improving their cultivation skills. Asking why someone would want to grow cannabis is like asking why someone would want to grow roses. People can easily buy roses commercially, many do. Others enjoy growing their own as an art.

To experience different strains.

Some people are wine enthusiasts, while some people are fine with wine from a box. Cannabis enthusiasts want more than the usual varieties of factory marijuana. They want different strains, grown in different ways; and they want the experience of growing.

Because they want to know what is in their cannabis

Too little information about pesticides and fertilizers used during growing commercial cannabis is available to Washington cannabis users. Homegrow empowers people who are health conscious or sensitive to chemicals to control and understand exactly what they are consuming.

What the Bill does.

What are the details of the law being proposed to legalize cannabis home grow? HB 1019 2021-22 legalizes the non commercial home […]